Five Machines

…an excerpt from a letter I recently wrote to a donor This letter so full of gratitude…I hope you can feel it spilling off of the page.  I recently reached out to a few of our volunteers asking them to take over the preparation of three shipments of sewing...

A Little Good News Goes a Long Way

In a world hungry for good news, we are pleased that the work of The Sewing Machine Project is a welcome balm. We thank the news outlets and blogs that have featured the SMP recently. This article just appeared in the Good News Network feed.

We made The Week!

The Sewing Machine Project is featured in The Week magazine’s Good News section! Check it out!

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Here is the link to our Spring 2021 Newsletter. If you’d like to receive our newsletters by email, please sign up through our website! We’d love to keep you in the loop!

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