Donate Sewing Machines

We are always accepting sewing machine donations.

The Sewing Machine Project was founded on the idea that we could take a machine that someone no longer needs and share it with someone who does. We are very grateful for every single machine that we receive.

We ask that every donated machine is in excellent working order.

In recent months we have realized that we have received an unusually large number of machines that do not work, do not perform all of their original functions, or are missing important accessories that are difficult or costly to replace. Unfortunately, until or unless we have a professional technician who can triage and repair machines for us, we have no real way to repair or augment these not-quite-usable machines ourselves. We do not send out partially working machines! Should you have a machine that isn’t quite perfect and you’d really like to donate it to The Sewing Machine Project, please have it repaired or tuned up before making the donation. If this is not within your budget, please find another outlet for your donation. Our (limited) resources thank you!

Machines must be portable (not in a cabinet) and weigh under 30 pounds. If you have the original instruction manual please send it along! If you don’t, it would be great if you could download and print the manual and include it with the machine. We try to send manuals with all of the machines we donate.

When you donate a machine, please consider making a financial donation as well. A $40 donation, accompanying a machine would pay for its packing materials and transport.

You may drop off your working sewing machine at any of the following locations:

      If you live outside of these areas and wish to ship your working sewing machine, please package it carefully (double boxing with plenty of padding) and send it to:

      The Sewing Machine Project
      112 Owen Road Box 6245
      Monona, WI 53716

      Thank you so much!!

      Thank you so much for your kind donations!


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