His name was Gene Alexander. And we knew each other…even though we’d never met.

His note arrived in July of 2021, the handwriting shaky with age. He’d read about The Sewing Machine Project in the Christian Science Monitor and was impressed with our work. So impressed, in fact, that he sent a donation. Along with the donation, he sent a note sharing a bit of himself and his work in the community. His projects were far reaching, touching so many lives. Gene helped the local schools, funding the painting of a map on the playground. His community work was recognized with a bench, inscribed for him.

Now it was my turn to be impressed. I wrote back to Gene, asking him more about himself. And he wrote back to me.

A few days ago I visited the Sewing Machine Project’s PO box and found our recent appeal letter to Gene returned

The word “Deceased” handwritten next to the address.

And though our interaction was brief, there was connection. It was enough. These are the types of connection that touch my heart so deeply. Gene understood the work of the SMP. And I understood his deep passion for making a difference.

Rest in peace, Gene.

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