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The Sewing Machine Project relies heavily on the love and support of our volunteers. It is these precious volunteers who check machines, pack machines, sort donations, create mailings, move machines around, and help in our local classrooms. The possibilities for helping are endless and the possibilities for CONNECTION are endless too…and wonderful. Community exists in everything we do and working together for the common good is incredibly powerful.

We hold regular Volunteer Days in Madison where we do any number of jobs, talk, laugh, enjoy each others’ company. Come and join us! We are a “no pressure” group. If you’re curious, send me an email at We’ll keep you in the loop. If you’re able to join us let me know. If not this time, maybe next!

We are working on growing the opportunities we have for volunteers. At this time, the opportunities are primarily local (Madison, WI) but we look forward to offering broader possibilities in the future.

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