The Sewing Machine Project is a grassroots nonprofit group and our budget is small. We rely on the help of others to make many things happen.




If you have any ideas or connections for the following, please let us know!

Donated Printing Services: from time to time we need to print brochures, newsletters and business cards. If a printer were able to donate these services it would be so helpful.

Shipping connections and supplies: Shipping is expensive!  We’d be eternally grateful for a connection to a shipper and/or trucking company that would donate shipping services.

Shipping Supplies: We are always in need of shipping supplies. Specifically, we need bubble wrap, packing peanuts (preferably recycled), packing airbags, and tape. If you know of an avenue for donated supplies, please let us know!

If you or someone you know could help us with these needs, please email Margaret Jankowski at margaret@thesewingmachineproject.org


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