Early 2007-we were driving truckloads of sewing machines to the city post-Katrina

I’m sorting and organizing the photos on my computer. It’s time consuming, best tackled in little pieces, but boy oh boy, is it fascinating! It helps me to remember the rich journey that is the Sewing Machine Project.

Did you know we threw a kegger in 2007 to raise money to become a nonprofit?

I look at my face in some of the pictures and think “Wow, back then I never would have guessed where we’d take this”.  I never would have known how fast and how far the ripples would spread. I look into the faces of those who have received machines near and far. I see the smiling faces of all of the people who have helped us every step of the way, and I smile too.

This was the first of many visits to Gees Bend, delivering machines and fabric and getting to know these amazing community.

“I am still learning”, Michaelangelo is quoted as

Together with AllBrands we delivered sewing machines to a community center in New Orleans (2011). They did a fabulous job of creating the space and we were happy to add the sewing!

saying and we are. But look at all we’ve done!

And the biggest, strongest connecting thread is the love that is tangible in these photos. Love of sewing, love of service, love of one another.

I hope you’ll indulge me in the next few weeks as I dig through these memories. Thanks for the love, all of you out there! We send it right back!

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