A decade ago I made a presentation about The Sewing Machine Project to local business people, I shared our wish list as well, noting that “we sure could use some storage space for sewing machines!” A gentleman named Jim stepped forward and offered to help. An executive at MGE, Jim started working on it right then and there.

Packing pallets at the warehouse

And so the relationship began. With kindness and with care, Jim and his team at MGE found space for our machines. The space has shifted from one building to another over the years and our pile of machines has ebbed and flowed, but the kind people of MGE have always helped us meet our space needs. Brian, the maintenance manager, has been my go to guy. Anytime I needed to drop off or pick up machines, load and wrap a pallet for shipping, meet a truck picking up machines, I’d just call Brian to open the doors, and he would help me make any arrangements I needed. He always helped to get the job done.

Our “go to” guy, Brian

Recently, we received word that MGE will be restructuring and reconfiguring their space and will no longer be able to store our machines on the premises. A plan took shape. The machines currently residing at MGE are those that we can’t repair. We have a strict policy of only sending out machines that work completely. Those that fall short are picked up by our friend Elmo. He drives from Idaho and picks up the machines that don’t work, taking them back out to repair what he can and to use the machines to train sewing machine technicians.

This morning was go time. With the Sewing Machine Project Board members, Elmo and his wife, Lisa, and our MGE man Brian, we cleared out the warehouse. While it felt good to get the job done, there was a bittersweet tone as we said goodbye to a company and its people who have been so very kind to us. Thank you, MGE! Thank you, Brian! Thank you, Jim! Thank you Elmo and Lisa! Thank you, dear Board members!

What a team! And by the way, if you know of any low- or no-cost climate controlled storage in Madison, WI, let me know!

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