Mutual of Omaha has a cool campaign going! They’re sending an Airstream trailer around the country and talking to people about the Aha Moments in their lives. They contacted me to see if I’d like to do an interview and I was thrilled to say yes.

So when the Airstream was parked in Brittingham Park here in Madison in late June I went for my interview. They asked me about an Aha moment and my initial response was to talk about the article I read over 10 years ago that led me to start collecting sewing machines in the first place. But then we dug deeper and I realized that the Aha Moment was something greater than that.

My Aha Moment was realizing that I had opened up to any and all possibilities and somehow I had done so without fear. There was not a moment in the early development of this project where I wondered if it would work. Rather, I just stepped into it assuming that whatever happened would be ok. And it was. More than ok. And that idea has seeped into every corner of my life. I walk through life with a wide open heart and I am amazed––at what comes of it.

So here it is, My Aha Moment. And I would encourage each and every one of you to stop for a moment and consider those Aha Moments in your life. It is with gratitude and a wide open heart that I say thank you to everyone who has stepped into the life of The Sewing Machine Project. It’s pure magic.

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