Recently, I put out a call to volunteers to help us wade through the huge donation from Bernina of America. We received 325 machines, all the same model, but in varying degrees of repair…some brand new, others in need of attention. What a great gift!

So I asked for help. Once again, the sweet retired (mostly!) volunteers from Oscar Mayer came to my rescue. And even more! Friends, board members…everyone came to the party! Smiling and laughing, helping each other, we worked through as many machines as we could. Our goal was to end up (after two work days) with 85 useable machines to send to Guatemala. We ended up with 125!!Everyone helped so much! From unpacking and repacking machines to sewing on and testing machines to fixing broken circuit board…everyone found their niche and was such a help.

Both days were hot hot hot and despite the fans we had going the room heated up. Did anyone complain? Not a bit! Big hugs all around, kind words, and so much gratitude. It’s hard to find the words to thank such a wonderful, loving group…but I’ll start with Thank You.

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