One after another the pallets are loaded onto the truck

In late February I met Tom Justic, VP of Sales for Bernina of America.I told him about The Sewing Machine Project’s mission and what we’re all about. He pondered all of this a minute and said “I think we might have some machines for you.” Turns out they had some machines in the warehouse that had been a bit blemished but worked just fine.

It took a few months to pull it together but last Friday I drove down to Aurora with Becky Jollay (volunteer extraordinaire…) in a rented 16′ truck to pick up the machines.¬† 325 sewing machines later we were on our way back! We’ll need to check over the machines to make sure they’re working properly but wow!!! what a gift!

We’ll need to see how many machines we really have once they’re all checked over. A portion of these will most likely be going to our newest partners, Mayan Families, in Guatemala. Will update you on that later!

Gratitude abounds! Such abundance!

Unloading took a little longer than loading...

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