This year has been an interesting one for The Sewing Machine Project. It’s been different. Honestly, since it’s inception, The Sewing Machine Project has fallen into place so naturally, it often takes my breath away. The right people, the right connections…they’ve always been there when I’ve needed them. Sometimes I feel like I need to just get out of it’s way and let it unfold as beautifully as it does!

This past year has been different, or so I thought. It’s felt like the “big stories” haven’t been there–no big shipments overseas, no huge revelations… Where there’s always been such a “flow”, it almost felt as though something was dammed up. But digging a little deeper I begin to wonder if the flow is indeed there and it’s my perspective that’s dammed up?

Sitting at the last few monthly board meetings I’ve been completely blown away by the talent and enthusiasm that’s right there. The Sewing Machine Project has always had a “rock star” board of directors…amazing talent and encouragement…people who believe so strongly in this mission… But in this unusual year this board has taken on a new and even deeper role. This talented group is digging into the deeper questions, the very foundation of the SMP and each and every one of us is working to strengthen this foundation to prepare us for new and bigger tasks. We all feel them coming and we’re using this time to make sure we’re strong from every angle and strong together as a team. I am in awe when I look at the skills and gifts present at the table each month!

Beyond the board, I read and reread the messages I receive from donors, friends, volunteers…hundreds of people who support and encourage the work we do. Every word matters, every word counts and helps to build what the Sewing Machine Project is and what we are able to do.

Sometimes I think we’re so busy looking for the really huge, mind-blowing messages that we overlook the beautiful gifts we receive every day. Without this encouragement, these skills, this energy, these gifts…we simply would not BE. It’s right in front of us. It’s  right there.

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