Debbie Lane, Macon, GA:

Debbie recently made a donation in memory of a wonderful woman who loved sewing so much. When the woman’s family heard of this donation, they sent the following letter:

“Oh my goodness Debbie! I just can’t find the words to tell you how touched I am by what you have done in my momma’s memory. She loved sewing so much, and just thoroughly enjoyed working on the Nutcracker costumes. She was so proud of those costumes and I sometimes think my heart will burst when I look at them. I miss her so much, every single day. I never developed the “sewing talent” like you, your mom, or my mom – I have just admired the great ability that you all
I am so glad to know about the Sewing Machine Project. What a wonderful organization! You’ll have to send me the address because I’d like to make a donation as well. My momma would have loved this!! What a perfect way to honor her!”

Please consider making a donation in memory of the “seamstress” in your life.

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