This probably sounds like a very general statement but it is so true. I am thankful every day for all of the people who step forward to make The Sewing Machine Project a success. I look to my Board of Directors, a group who stepped forward one by one to offer their help, guidance, and wisdom. I look to my dear friend Eileen who helps me whenever I need her to prepare machines and shuffle them around. I look to Peter, who quietly offers his warm advice and assistance when I need help repairing machines and he is a wise sounding board as I work through the details of this project. I look to Tim out at Jerry’s Sewing who gathers machines for me, offering to check them out when needed. I look to Steve, who even answers his phone when I’m a thousand miles away in New Orleans and calling with a question about a machine. I look to Jim who stepped forward many months ago, offering machine storage and is consistently on hand to help organize and hold the machines awaiting distribution.

What truly amazes me is the number of people I look to who step into my path before I know it. Kathy walked into the store one day and offered her wonderful New Orleans home so I’d have a place to stay when in that area. I stayed with Kathy on this recent visit and her cousin, Maggie came along. As Maggie and I began to talk I realized the great amount of experience that she brought with her and she has offered to help me with the details of expanding this nonprofit. Additionally, both Kathy and Maggie were on hand to help prepare for the distribution and act as “guides” during the distribution. Their sewing enthusiasm really helped enhance this positive experience! And Tess! Tess stepped forward in an email quite awhile ago and her enthusiasm almost jumped off of the page. Tess helped as well with the unloading and distribution and her warmth and joy made this great day even better.

I truly believe that each person that crosses our path does so for a reason and in opening my eyes to this fact I’ve learned many lessons and received more help than I’d ever dreamed possible.

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