I am continually amazed by how things fall into place in this project. Not that there isn’t a lot of hard work in the background but sometimes things happen that continue to reinforce the fact that this is meant to be. Here’s another example…

I had contacted Anna Morgan in early April because her name came up on my list of people who still needed machines. I gave her a call and left a message. She returned my call the next day, saying she did still need a machine but not for personal use…rather for the new Adams Street Cultural Development Center she’d founded. She asked if she might have 2 machines for the center. Later, she called back and asked if she might possibly have 5 machines so they could begin sewing classes. I agreed to the number and after we’d hung up, I began looking over the list of machines I was bringing to find 5 machines that were similar to one another. It makes a teacher’s job easier if the machines in the classroom are alike, or at least similar in function.
I was interrupted and had to leave for awhile before I’d put together a list of machines for Anna. When I returned I walked in the door and there were 5 machines, exactly alike, all lined up. The McFarland, Wisconsin high school had not only donated the machines, but had them tuned up before dropping them off. So there they were, all shiny and clean, all threaded with fine thread.
I have no doubt that this Project is following a positive path and it is meant to be.

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