I’m preparing for another trip to New Orleans in 1 1/2 short weeks (taking over 70 machines!) and looking over the costs of these trips. So many people have asked how they can help with this project and this is where you can really make a difference! It’s easy to make a donation via this site, just click on the Donate Now link and it’ll guide you right through.  We need donations, large or small, to help cover the costs of these trips. Your money will pay for the truck and fuel to get the machines there. This is a very grassroots effort, as you can tell, and every penny counts!

Additionally, I’m searching for any trucking firms who might be willing to donate their services to transport these machines. Perhaps a trucker who is hauling a load up to the Midwest and is returning to the Gulf Coast region with an empty vehicle? Or even a trucking firm who has a little space left in a vehicle heading south. Or perhaps, a truck rental company, such as Ryder or Budget who might be willing to donate the use of a truck. At this point I drive the machines down myself and that works fine…it’s just the cost of the truck that is quite daunting!

 So be a hero! Help out! If you are inspired by this project, please consider making a donation and helping with immediate needs, such as the April trip to New Orleans, and future needs as well.

Thank you so much!

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