Although I think it’s important all year around to give thanks for what we have, I find that the holidays are an especially good time to look back over the year and realize all of the things that make our lives so wonderful.
I am so incredibly thankful for the success of this Project. More specifically, I am grateful for all of you, all of the people who have learned of this effort and embraced it…and embraced me. For everyone that’s asked “how can I help?” or just sat down and written a donation check, I thank you. For my incredible Board members, who are willing to give up time out of their busy lives and truly listen to what’s happening within the Project and offer support. For my dear friends, new and old, who push me forward without even knowing it. For all of my new friends in New Orleans, who are so interested in the Project and share my passion to make a difference in this area which still needs so much healing. And for the friends I have yet to meet, for each day, each visit to New Orleans brings new faces and with them, new energy and ideas.
I count myself as a lucky one to know all of you and to have so many who are willing to share a passion and believe that one person’s idea or dream can blossom into something so much bigger.
I wish everyone the best over the holidays and into next year. 2008 will be a good one, I can feel it.


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