Today I visited Gee’s Bend in Alabama, to see the incredible quilters and their work. You’ve got to understand, I view these women like rock stars! They’ve created beautiful art quilts from whatever they have around, and now they are world-renowned. The exhibit has travelled all over and people have flocked from far and wide to see them and meet their creators.
I decided to drive over to Alabama to meet them and see what was up. I  wanted to learn more about the collective they’ve created, not only because it’s fascinating but also because it may be a model that could be used in starting other collectives connected with the Sewing Machine Project. The Gee’s Bend quilters work out of a modest building, enjoying their work and each other. I was greeted like family–so warmly and wonderfully. I took a few machines and they were ever so grateful. I feel so lucky to be able to contribute to such an outstanding group of women.
Be sure to check out the photographs I’ve posted on this site!

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