I was with some friends last night and they asked me how this project was going. The words came tumbling out, as they usually do when I get going on the success I’ve experienced so far. When I begin to describe one person who has helped me in some way it reminds me of another and another and so forth. Not only that, almost all of the people who are helping me to make this project a success have stepped forward of their own volition. They’ve approached me to find out how they can help.
Just recently, I spoke before the Business and Professional Women’s Group of Madison, WI. The group was so welcoming and receptive. After the meeting I spoke with one of the women in the audience who made a generous donation and offered her help. We agreed to meet and discuss her role in the project further. When we got together she began talking out ways that she felt she could help and it was clear that the greatest thing she could do at this point would be to get the word out about the Project, since she’s acquainted with many people here in Madison. Her name is Jacqui Sakowski and I’m in awe daily of the help she’s provided. She runs her own sales consulting firm and has put me in touch with many people and organizations who could make a difference in the Sewing Machine Project. On top of that she’s agreed to join the Board of Directors! I’m honored to call her my friend and also, I guess, a cheerleader for the cause.
This sort of enthusiasm is not uncommon. This project touches a nerve in different ways with different people and I’m thrilled at the response it’s received. So many people from Bob Miller, Bob and Carroll Heideman, Katie Stout, Vig Sherrill, Tori and Dennis Hull, Peter McKeever, Cherice Harrison-Nelson, Becky Batchelor, Martha Steward, Walter Baer, Julie, Dave, Steve, Jenny, Rebecca, Virginia and Lily, along with countless others have stepped forward without being asked to ask how they can contribute. I truly would not be where I am without all of you.

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