501(c)3 Status

We’re working hard to finalize the paperwork that’s necessary to become an official 501(c)3. Peter, my attorney, has been helping me out and sorting through all of the legalise–it’s quite a process but I’m happy to say, we’re nearing the finish line!


I’ve spent this week in Orlando, Florida at Bernina University (or “BU” as the insiders call it). What an amazing event. People come from all over the world to celebrate Bernina excellence. We’re learning about new products and also celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Bernina name. It’s very exciting. While I’ve been here, I’ve had the opportunity to tell many people about the Sewing Machine Project and everyone is quite excited. I’ve been able to put this project “on the radar screens” of many important people in the industry, including the International President of Bernina, HP Ueltschi, the President of Bernina of America, Martin Favre, and wonderful presenters like Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.
I’m thrilled that they share my enthusiasm for this event and that Bernina has been so supportive. Martin has already donated machines to this cause and Bernina’s “blessing” is a big deal! Check out the link to The Sewing Machine Project on Bernina’s website!

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