Katie checks over a donated machine for inventory

Today we say good bye to Katie Schultz Stout. I got to know Katie through our mutual work at Hans Sewing Center. Katie taught sewing of every kind imaginable. A teacher and a learner, if Katie didn’t know how to make something, she delighted in figuring it out.

When I needed to form a Board of Directors for The Sewing Machine Project, Katie was one of the first people that came to mind. Smart and kind, with a wry sense of humor and an infectious laugh, Katie was just the gal for the job. She took it on with ease and served for seven years.

Katie and her friend, Dellavee, work on a sewing project

There were so many things that made Katie delightful. She loved to sew and loved to teach. When a young mother approached her to talk about options for her homeschooled daughter, Katie set up a sewing classroom in her home to teach the child and her homeschooled friends to sew. She taught all ages. Katie never missed a chance to sew in community.

Her spirit was incredible and I have no doubt that little bits of Katie remain in me and in everyone she knew. Because Katie was like that. She lit up the world.


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