IMG_0860The email flurry has been seemingly nonstop for the past 24 hours. Notes about volunteer days, procedures, organization, how to manage our new student volunteers. Emails coming and going, sometimes directed at me, other times keeping me in the loop. I stand in my kitchen, the familiar ding of an email arrival on my phone and I take a peek. A volunteer asking about two matching machines she’s been working on. Shortly after that a board member, reassuring her that there’s no hurry and gratitude…always gratitude. Plans for an upcoming volunteer day. Confirmation of a student’s arrival and assistance. Lots of conversation, lots of communication…all signs of an organization that is passionate and alive.

Here’s what you may not know: I read these notes in the quiet of my home, the conversations and comments, the suggestions and ahas…and I often begin to cry. This compassion, this kindness, all around an idea that is blossoming beyond belief, an idea that originated in my heart. There is never rudeness, never unkindness. There is only compassion, wisdom and gratitude.

We discuss policy at monthly board meetings, making sure we are all on the same page with a foundational message of kindness and compassion. Everything must stem from that. We look at what we’re doing and the way we’re doing it and always hold decisions up to the light. And because we’ve had these conversations, because we are in agreement about the basis of who we are, I am given the gift (as Director) of being able to let go.

I can let go into the trust of knowing that these many tasks will be done extraordinarily well. I do not pretend to know the best way to do things for if things were done by my design alone they’d be restricted to only what I know. We operate from a compassionate, deeper message, and I know that all that we do is done from the same heart.

And so I let go. And in that letting go I open up to other possibilities–opportunities arrive and I am able to accept them knowing that the other tasks are being done by people with talents and skills that are beyond my own–people with a deep love for this organization and the work we do. Board members and volunteers, students and community members. Everyone picks up a piece and does it well.

So now the secret is out–the beauty of this organization brings me to tears. Probably not too much of a surprise to those of you who read this blog :-). The people who make up The Sewing Machine Project are extraordinary gifts, each and every one of them. And you reading this, your interest and support fuels this and only adds to the unfolding picture. And standing in the swirl of communication, shared ideas and big plans, I cannot help but be blown away by the beauty of it all.

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