giving-handsI’d guess that most of us scan the internet in the morning. I know I do, after coffee and a little inspirational reading, I’m scanning the news, Facebook, my email to open the door and let the world in to my solitude. And so often it’s a mix–good news and bad, pithy deep inspiration and trite platitudes.

In my Sewing Machine Project email, more often than not, there are requests for sewing machines. Stories of hardship and need from every corner of the globe. It cracks me wide open. But within those pleas are the stories of resilience and strength as well. Stories of women and men picking up and carrying on, despite the hardship. Stories of people searching in the most creative of ways, for a light in the darkness. Stories of people seeing a need and doing their best to help.

I am honored. I am humbled. By the many out there who in every small way are working to heal their lives, their communities, this world. No one can do it all. And I think we often get in our own way when we believe that we are small, that our efforts couldn’t possibly mean anything. But we’re not and they do.

We, each and every one of us, have the power.


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