a beautiful day in the neighborhood 024We are updating The Sewing Machine Project brochure. Our logo has changed, our colors have changed, and so much has been done–it’s time to update our face out there!

But as I write the copy for this brochure I find that I keep sitting back and looking to the sky. How do you find words to convey the essence of what this is? How do you talk about accomplishments while still maintaining a reverence for the mystery of all of this? I am humbled. I am awestruck.

When people ask me about how this all began I say over and over again, I never thought this would be a thing. I just answered a need that so clearly emanated from my heart that I couldn’t ignore it, figuring out how to send machines to a country I’d never visited that was in the midst of a struggle I couldn’t comprehend.

And as I write about what we’ve become it must include a nod to all that we’ve been and somehow the core values that spoke to my heart initially remain at the heart of what we are now. We deliver sewing machines, yes. We offer a new chapter to machines that have stories to tell, certainly. We offer curriculum along with fabric, and sewing supplies.

But there’s so much more.IMG_1040

The work of The Sewing Machine Project is about connecting people through the age old art of sewing. Sewing has always brought people together and when people sew together something magic happens. People talk about their lives. People open up. The joys, the pain, the struggles all come pouring out among a flood of color and cloth–common threads. This is what community is.

And now, more than ever, we need to be reminded of the threads that connect us. There are far too many reminders of the things that divide us. So, one stitch at a time, in little but heartfelt ways, we work to connect. And it’s working.

Now, back to the brochure…

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