IMG_5717I could write a post called “Gratitude” every single day and it wouldn’t be enough. Every single day there are gifts of grace. It might be a note that arrives with a machine, sharing a story or lending support. It may be a donation from someone I’ve never met–someone to whom The Sewing Machine Project’s mission speaks loud and clear. It happens when I read a note from someone needing machines, someone who sees hope and possibility in a sewing machine. It might be as simple as stumbling across an old note or an old post, offering a glimpse of what we were and reminding me that we don’t know yet what’s to come.

And I find quite often, that there are no words to express the depth of gratitude for these gifts. Nothing that adequately conveys how grateful I am for all of these beautiful pieces that add up to The Sewing Machine Project. So I say “thank you”, two tiny words, and hope that those reading or hearing these thanks can feel all of the gratitude and love they carry.IMG_5716

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