Concha works on hats to Pay it Forward

Our first round of local classes came to an end yesterday. There were two 6-week classes, one on Mondays and one on Fridays. Local teacher, Rebecca Sites did a masterful job of leading the classes–I have to say, I knew she’d be perfect and I was right. Rebecca has mastered the art of going with the flow of a class, conveying what needs to be taught while still allowing plenty of time and space for students to personally craft their education. Rebecca teaches students to rely on themselves and as a result, they leave the class empowered and excited and ready to sew some more. It’s beautiful, really.

The students were radiant. They would share what they’d learned, learn from each other, develop new ideas…

Participants didn’t know when they signed up, that they would leave with a sewing machine. Rebecca waited until about the 3rd week to tell them this important bit. When she did, students wept. They couldn’t believe that it was true.

Rebecca and Maria with Maria’s new machine.

On the last class day we asked the women to Pay it Forward by making fleece hats to donate to the CMC, where the classes were taught. The CMC offers services to many homeless individuals and families who need the extra warmth in the cold Wisconsin winter. The ladies gladly made lots and lots of hats.

I listened to the women talking, sharing, helping one another and the sense of community in the room was palpable.  I find myself saying “thank you” over and over again. Can’t wait for another round of classes to start.

Rebecca and Mariuxe try on hats

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