When we offered basic sewing classes for newly arrived Bhutanese refugees last spring we were so excited to extend a hand of welcome into the Madison community. Teaching out of the Catholic Multicultural Center in Madison, we were impressed with all the programs they offered and the people they serve. The talented local sewer, author and SMP board member, Steffani Lincecum headed up the classes. As we taught the Bhutanese classes, other Center clients stopped by, interested in learning more. As a result, we are offering these basic classes once again this fall, both in English and Spanish, to Center clients who are looking to mend their lives through sewing. Local sewer and designer, Rebecca Sites will teach these new classes.

A generous grant from the Madison South Rotary Foundation makes this fall’s classes possible.

Participants will complete the class by joining in a Pay it Forward day where they’ll create something to donate–perhaps mittens for a local shelter, baby blankets for a hospital…something that not only gives back but also reminds participants that every one of us has a role, a responsibility, to mend our community.

Learning a new skill, finding an outlet through creativity, finding new hope, mending one’s life and giving back to the community…that’s what we’re all about.

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