It all started with an email from Michelle…”I collect sewing machines” it began…turns out she lovingly collects and restores sewing machines as a hobby. Michelle directed me to her blog and does she ever! Just take a look! Michelle wanted to know if i’d like some of her reworked machines for the Sewing Machine Project…of course!

So she patiently waited until we were moved into our new space and then we got going on arranging a meeting. Michelle and her husband, Louie, along with her brother and sister in law, Jack and Polly, drove all the way from Iowa to deliver 21 lovingly restored machines. Along with the machines they brought some thread and fabric too. The van was carefully loaded and the four of them hopped out, big smiles on their faces. So much fun to meet them.

We worked together to get all the machines into the church with lots of ‘getting to know you’ talk and by the time we said good bye it felt that we did know one another.

These machines were such a gift and so lovingly given. So often it happens that the giving is as much of a blessing as when someone receives a machine. That’s just how it works.

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