This past weekend was Quilt Expo, here in Madison, Wisconsin. What a busy time that is! It’s so much fun to see familiar faces and meet many new friends. So many people stopped by our booth to chat, learn more, make a donation. We took in 8 machines, a little fabric and $191 in donation funding.

The serendipitous nature of this project is such a beautiful thing. Lately I’ve been pondering a new idea…something that we can use and replicate around the United States. It would be a way of using our sewing and connecting people…what a lovely combination! I don’t want to get into too many details right now but don’t worry, as it develops, I’ll fill you in. Here’s the serendipitous part…as I said, I’ve been thinking about how we might do this/use this/”spread the love”, so to speak. There are niches I haven’t fleshed out and questions that are unanswered…

I’d left the booth for a moment and walking back, I noticed a woman slowly heading towards the booth. I’d noticed her before…she was wearing a fabulous Ikat jacket and had passed the booth a few times earlier in the day…but before I’d even reached the booth she’d arrived and taken a seat. I said hello and sat down beside her.

She asked a few questions about machine donations but then began talking about the volunteer work she does…and one by one, she provided the answers I’d been searching for. Quietly, concisely, she fleshed out some of the gray areas in my plan.

And then she stood up, said good bye, and walked away.

I love how these things work.

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