I am just finishing another trip to New Orleans….delivering machines and meeting new friends. A few different groups benefited from our machines this time. The Mardi Gras Indian community is near and dear to us and these machines will help with children’s programs, working on Mardi Gras Indian suits and one special machine went to a young woman who is making things to sell…her dream is to pay for her passage back to Africa and to become a midwife. Noble causes.

Some machines went to Gulf Coast residents who are trying to make ends meet in the aftermath of the oil spill. One woman makes quilts and donates them to local shelters and group homes. While visiting Houma, where our Gulf work is based, I visited with Pam Trowbridge of LossTalk and gave her a check for $1200–the proceeds from the sale of the SeaHope bags. These funds will help her start new programs which help Gulf residents cope with the significant losses they’ve experienced due to the oil spill.

One machine went to Pastor Janyce Statton who works with the Jesus Miracle Power Ministry…offering shelter to the homeless, and food for the hungry. Now they can work on furnishing some donated buildings that will be group housing and she’s also looking forward to mending and hemming some of the clothes that have been donated for kids in their programs.

I am honored and humbled when I meet these amazing people and learn of their good work.

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