In April, 16 machines, generously donated by Bernina were sent to Skenderaj, Kosovo and have safely arrived.  In June I will be traveling to Kosovo with Gani Ahmetaj and Al Anding to work on setting up a sewing area and meeting with the local women to plan out a cooperative sewing business.

In planning this initiative I have learned so much. The people of Kosovo are working hard to rebuild their country, practically from the ground up, after the recent war. In 2008, Kosovo declared its independence.

In the area where we will be working there are over 900 women widowed by the war. Because the country is rebuilding, there aren’t jobs yet to employ these women and help them support their families.

It is our plan and our hope that we can help create a sewing business in this area which will employ women, sewing uniforms for schools and businesses. Not only will it provide a means of earning an income but it will also provide a creative outlet, allowing women to refocus on creative endeavors.

While I am in Kosovo, I plan to blog about what we’re doing, what I’m seeing. Please stay tuned!

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