Everyday I am grateful for how the Sewing Machine Project evolves. I have so much help and support and it feels almost providential that the project unfolds the way it does. Recently, I appeared on Sewing With Nancy and because of that exposure, many new people are now aware of The Sewing Machine Project and the feedback has been wonderful.
These are tough times economically. It seems that no one is spared somehow. It is a tough time to ask for funding. But here I am appealing to the world for financial support. The Sewing Machine Project is a grassroots organization. This is my dream, my baby, and it has evolved into something wonderful that has touched hundreds of lives. What I’m asking today is that you consider a donation…a financial one. We do get so many machines donated and for that I’m ever grateful but once we have the machines, they need to get where they’re going…sometimes people need education to learn how to use the machines, and all of these things cost money.
The most important support we receive is through your kind words, your positive feedback…these things, and the passion that I feel for this project, keep me motivated and moving this forward but the money is so very important as well.
Please consider a donation today. My goal is to raise $5000 through this appeal. This money would be used to get our new collection sites up and running, to help move the machines from sites to one central point, to get the machines to their final recipients and to help people learn to use the machines. Additionally, this money would help us to spread the word even further about the Project and build new bridges for increased funding. Your contribution, large or small, will help. You can donate right here online or mail a check, if that works better for you. Let’s jumpstart The Sewing Machine Project into 2009.
Thank you!

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