Denise Montana-Stevenson writes:

This comment is sent with great regards for the sewing machine donated to us by you. My daughter Chelsi, and I are thankful for it because it’s better than the one we lost during Hurricane Katrina. Just to share a story with you, at the time Hurricane Katrina came, I was teaching Chelsi (14 years old) how to sew. She made a couple of items such as a jean two-piece pant suit, a pillow cover, a skirt with the matching scarf and her favorite patchwork handbag. Everyone complimented her on
the handbag and couldn’t believe she had made it. I was very proud of her even though it was made with my assistance. I had not sewn since high school (late 1970’s).

I thought that this handbag inspired her to continue to sew and maybe make a few things for her friends. Then Hurricane Katrina came and of course, we lost everything, including the sewing machine I had for a very long time but had hardly used. I promised Chelsi I would buy another sewing machine but it just wasn’t priority on my list. I needed to acquire many other things before it. When Carolyn asked if anyone needed a machine, I felt blessed to have her say to me, “I know someone who
is willing to donate it.”

With all this said, I would just like to personally thank you. We have been getting familiar with it and can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate it. You have certainly made a difference. May God Bless You!

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