Due to technical difficulties on the local Madison station, 1055 triple m, the show didn’t air properly on Sunday 5/18. Triple M and etown have kindly collaborated to re-air the project featuring the Sewing Machine Project, the Bodeans, Over the Rhine, and Doug Fine, in the Madison area THIS SUNDAY, 5/24 AT 9PM. So Madison-area listeners…here’s another chance to hear it!

This is the week, everybody! The Sewing Machine Project will be featured on the etown radio broadcast…earning an “e-chievement award” for the work we’ve done in the Gulf Coast region. Check the etown website¬†and type in your zip code to see which staion it broadcasts on and when. Broadcasts begin on May 14th and continue until May 20th. If you are unable to get the broadcast in your area, you can listen to the introduction to the award on the “e-chievement recent winners” link on the site.

Thanks, once again, to etown for this amazing opportunity!

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