I flew out to Boulder, Colorado a few weeks ago to participate in the taping of e-town radio. I had been informed a few weeks before that I’d been chosen to receive one of their “e-chievement awards”. The entire experience was wonderful! I learned, after I’d been scheduled to appear, that the Bodeans would be one of the musical guests on the same show. I know those guys from back in high school, when we hung out together pretty regularly, so it was so cool having the opportunity to see them again.
Nick and Helen Forster are the hosts of etown and they, along with their wonderful crew, immediately made me feel right at home. The interview went well  and the whole show went so well.
This show will air from May 14-May 20, depending on which station picks up etown in your area. To see if you can catch it check the following link: http://www.etown.org/findstation.php, and tune in if you can. In addition to my interview you’ll hear great performances and interviews with the Bodeans and Over the Rhine, a great musical duo as we as an interview with Doug Fine, author of Farewell my Subaru, an epic adventure in local living. All in all, a great show.

Check out the etown website for more information on the show and also on this cool award. Thank you, etown!

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