I’m writing this post from New Orleans and each of these visits brings new discoveries, new friends, new ways to appreciate this unique city and its people. My friend, Martie rode down with me this time and it was wonderful to see this city through a new set of eyes. Martie enjoyed seeing the places I’ve talked about and meeting some new people and we both enjoyed making new discoveries together.
I didn’t bring quite as many machines on this visit–only 50, but they will be well-used. 10 machines are going to chiefs within the Mardi Gras Indian nation, 5 machines will go to O’Perry Walker High School to add to their collection. They’re trying to get new sewing programs up and running and just need more machines! 5 machines will go to Xavier University’s outreach program, helping children in the Mardi Gras tribes hang on to their unique culture. And finally, 5 machines went to the women of the Gee’s Bend Quilt Collective in rural Alabama. The remaining 25 machines will be distributed to individuals who were on the waiting list.
This weekend will bring the wonderful opportunity to see the programs being offered to children in the Mardi Gras tribes. The Sankofa Saturday program serves to teach the kids about important elements of their culture:  history, music, masking, etc. At this week’s program, I will present machines to tribal elders within their community. I feel honored to meet these important people and be welcomed into their community.

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