Next week brings another visit to my beloved New Orleans, and another 60 machines to be delivered. While some of these machines will go to individuals, others will be used to bolster the supplies at the schools that have already received machines to increase their numbers and make it possible to begin sewing classes. In addition, on this visit, I am going to try to lay the foundation for possibly starting some sewing collectives. This is new to me and, as with so many other aspects of this Project, I plan to rely on the wisdom of others to help guide me in this new development. I’m hoping to visit Gee’s Bend in Alabama while I’m down South and talk to those amazing women about the collective they’ve created.
This is yet another new path and, as always, I’ll feel my way along rather than pushing something that doesn’t feel right.
I am continually amazed and thrilled when I encounter the incredible kindness and helpfullness of the people around me. So many people stand behind me to move this Project forward and this network, this community, is a wonderful testament to the humanity that lies within us.

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