Many people have asked me how this project got started and I remember a moment quite distinctly…when I read an article on the internet about a woman who had lost her sewing machine in the tsunami. Not only was I moved by what I was reading but I knew, without a doubt, that I needed to take action. I had never been “called to action” so strongly in my life. Oh sure, there have been times over the years, as there are for everyone, when I knew I needed to pitch in to find a solution, but this was vastly different. It was as though a door had opened.

Since then, I’ve found that when I need something to move this Project along, or I’m not sure of the direction I should go, I wait and watch and listen and pretty soon the answer is there. Time and time again, I’ve needed a solution or a contact and sure enough, the phone rings and/or a new friend enters my life and things fall into place.

Coversely, when I push too hard on something that doesn’t feel quite right, it’s almost as though I’m stepping off of the path and when I stop and reevaluate or “step back”, things seem to realign and feel right again.

It’s as though I’m walking along a path but I can’t clearly make out what’s ahead. I know when I’m walking clear in the center and I also know when I’ve stepped away.

Now, I don’t mean to get all mystical about this but I do think that sometimes, we’re meant to do things in our lives. I also don’t mean to imply that this Project is always just neatly falling into place. There would be no Sewing Machine Project if it weren’t for many many people who have believed in it and have stepped forward to help. I do think, however, that when we find things in our lives in which we strongly believe, the strength and the answers come and people rally around to our aid. I feel fortunate to have found a cause about which I feel so completely passionate and I sincerely thank everyone who has been stirred by this cause and has stepped forward to help. Additionally, I am ever-grateful and in awe of the people I’ve met who have needed machines. They have opened my eyes in so many ways and have helped me to step back and gain a better perspective of the Project and even, of my own life.

Thank you, friends, for all you’ve done and all you continue to do.


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