As Cuba opens to the world and authorizes self-employment and small businesses after decades of a state-controlled economy, YOU can make a difference in this transformation for Cubans who use sewing as a way to improve their lives.

26020E5B17DC4AD6AD1EAA7057D22334In partnership with AllBrands.com of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, The Sewing Machine Project is offering sewing machines and sewing supplies to the people of Cuba. This effort will serve to support and revive sewing, allowing Cubans to fashion clothing out of their homes for personal use and commercial sale. Sewing is one of the occupations permitted by the Cuban government to stimulate self-employment.

AllBrands will generously donate 25 new Brother sewing machines for the effort. The Sewing Machine Project will be offering sewing supplies and fabric to round out the donation.

Your financial donation is so important. For as little as $25 you can support an upstart sewer, giving him or her the supplies he/she needs to move forward, sewing for the home or as a cottage industry. Your kindness will manifest in sewing kits, fabrics, supplies for individual sewers and the sewing classroom.

Making a donation is easy! Simply click on this link and you’ll be zipped right over to our donation page! As you go through the steps you’ll be given the option to earmark your donation for Cuba.

Or you can send a box with some of the following supplies from our wish list:

Fabric—clean, cotton, 1 yard pieces or larger
Scissors—shears or snips, sharp, please
Hand Needles
Thread—new thread preferred to offer the best sewing experience
Measuring tapes
Hem gauges
Boxes of pins
Sewing rulers

Please clearly mark your box for the ¡SewCuba! project. Thank you!!

The Sewing Machine Project is an IRS 501(c)3 organization and your donation will be gratefully received and tax deductible.


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