giving.01_1.jpgWe have been so fortunate on so many levels, receiving both monetary and machine donations. In addition, so many people have given of their precious time. All of these efforts have helped to make this incredible project a success. Our goals are lofty and there is much work to do. Here’s how you can help:

  • Financial Contributions
    Your financial contribution will go directly towards getting the machines to those who need them the most as well as towards setting up educational programs in the affected areas. Read more…
  • giving.02.jpgDonate Sewing Machines
    Donated machines will go directly into the hands of people who have lost their machine in a natural disaster or who need this important tool to support themselves Read more…
  • Donate Other Items
    We also accept donations of fabric, notions, and other sewing-related items. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PATTERNS. Read more…

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