SeaHope Partners donates proceeds to Bayou Grace

SeaHope Partners, an initiative of The Sewing Machine Project, was created in the aftermath of the 2010 Gulf oil spill to help mend communities affected by the spill. SeaHope achieves this goal by selling a specially designed messenger bag, made of recycled nautical materials and donating the proceeds to groups which work to mend communities in the Gulf.

SeaHope is proud to announce the donation of $1200 to Bayou Grace, a grassroots organization whose mission is stated as follows: Bayou Grace addresses the most critical and immediate needs of residents of the 5 Bayous in Lower Terrebonne Parish, LA to give renewed strength to the community and to mobilize residents in advocacy for the environmental health of their communities.

The Sewing Machine Project/SeaHope recognizes the wonderful efforts of this group as they mend their community. This donation is earmarked to assist with the community meals, orchestrated by Bayou Grace, which bring community residents together and give them a venue and a voice to mend their community.


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